London Underground Worksite Safety Induction

Practical test & eLearning module

Our London Underground WSI course covers both the mandatory testing and eLearning in one session. With no need to book separately for the eLearning portion of the course you can reduce your non productive down time, travel and time costs and create cost efficiencies for your business.

Morson Training are the only training provider, outside of TfL, to deliver TfL accredited eLearning. 



The London Underground Worksite Safety Induction (LU-WSI) is the first course you need to take to work on LU and is a prerequisite to work on the railway.

The WSI enables you to access the London Underground infrastructure to carry out your duties. In addition, this training focuses on the safety requirements to keep you and those around you safe whilst working on London Underground premises. 

Key aspects of the WSI include:

  • Health and safety on the line
  • Fatigue management
  • Knowledge of work locations
  • Understanding the various roles and responsibilities of those around you
  • Signing in and out of London Underground
  • Understanding worksite hazards and fire prevention
  • Information on asbestos on London Underground infrastructure and what to do if you accidentally disturb asbestos
  • Using a lift, escalator, or moving walkway
  • Working at height and lifting equipment
  • Exclusion zones

In addition to the LU-WSI, you may be required to undertake basic track awareness alongside a number of other courses.