Rail training.

We offer a wide range of railway safety training for individuals working in the UK’s rail industry, including training and assessments for apprentices, rail operatives and managers.

As the UK’s first, and only, “Platinum” awarded training provider in the rail sector, we offer quality rail training programmes for apprentices, rail operatives and managers.

We understand our responsibilities in addressing the national skills shortage and actively work with our clients to build diverse, long-term talent pipelines.

Our dedicated training and assessment specialists deliver training which ranges from Personal Track Safety (PTS) right through to SPICOP and machine operation and controllers.

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Safety critical
  • Auxiliary Operating Duties Hand signalling (AOD HS)
  • Auxiliary Operating Duties Level Crossing Attendant (AOD LXA)
  • Auxiliary Operating Duties Points Operator (AOD PO)
  • Controller of Site Safety (COSS)
  • Controller of Site Safety: Conductor Rail Permit (COSS CRP)
  • Controller of Site Safety: Overhead Line Permit (COSS OLP)
  • DC Electrified Lines – Procedure A Level A Authorised Persons (CRE 009)
  • DC Electrified Lines – Switching – Level ‘B’ (CRE 011)
  • DC Electrified Lines Testing and Strapping – Level ‘B’ (CRE 014)
  • Engineering Supervisor (ES)
  • Individual Working Alone (IWA)
  • Level B (Authorised) Person for OLE AC Isolation (OLE Level B (AP) AC)
  • Lookout / Site Warden (LKT)
  • NSCD (Ops) (NSCD)
  • Person In Charge Of Possession (PICOP)
  • Personal Track Safety (PTS)
  • Possession Support (PS)
  • Protection Controller (PC)
  • Safe System of Work Planner (SSOWP)
  • Safe Work Leader 1 (SWL1)
  • Track Induction (TTF 001)
  • Working Near or Adjacent to DC Conductor Rails (PTS DCCR)
Machine/crane controller
  • Crane Controller – Excavator Crane (CC Exc)
  • Crane Controller – Lorry Loader Crane (CC KBC)
  • Crane Controller Attachment – Group 3 Powered Lifting (CC Att Grp 3)
  • Crane Controller Attachment – Group 6 Rail Management (CC Att Grp 6)
  • Crane Controller Attachment – Group 7 Cropper (CC Att Group 7)
  • Crane Controller Excavator Crane Tandem Lifting (CC OTP TL)
  • Lift Planner Single Lift (OTP LPSL)
  • Machine Controller – Demountable Machine/RMMM (MC MM)
  • Machine Controller – Highway Permissible Vehicle (MC DPV)
  • Machine Controller – Material Handler (MC MH)
  • Machine Controller – MEWP (MC MEWP)
  • Machine Controller Attachment – Group 1 Ballast/Track Management (MC Att Grp 1)
  • Machine Controller Attachment – Group 3 Cutterhead (MC Att Grp 3)
  • Machine Controller Attachment – Group 4 Transportation (MC Att Grp 4)
  • Machine Controller Attachment – Group 6 Chipper (MC Att Grp 6)
  • Machine Operator – Highway Permissible Vehicle (OTP Op HPV)
  • Machine Operator – Motorised Trolley (OTP Op Motor Trolley)
  • Operate Trailer Attachment (OTP Op Att 27)
  • OTP Core (OTP Core)
  • OTP Lift Planning – Tandem Lift (OTP LPTL)
  • Slinger (PP50)
Powered & transportable plant
  • Cable Avoidance Equipment Operator
  • Cold Bolt Expansion Equipment
  • Compacting Breaking & Digging Equipment
  • Cutting & Grinding Equipment
  • General Lifting and Moving Equipment (Tail Lift)
  • Handheld Stone Blower
  • Hydraulic Tensors
  • Impact Wrenches
  • Jacks
  • Line Side Plant
  • Manually Propelled Rail Handlers
  • Pandrol Vanguard Assembly Tool
  • Rail Clippers, Fast Clips
  • Rail Clippers, Track Fastening De-Clipping Machine
  • Rail Clippers, Track Fastening Rusty Clip Extractor
  • Rail Drills
  • Rail Mounted Disc Cutter
  • Railhead Cleaning Unit Equipment
  • Safe use of Generator Equipment
  • Safe Use of Mobile Plant
  • Safe Use of Portable & Transportable Plant
  • Safe use of Powered Hand Tools Briefing
  • Safe use of Powered Trolleys
  • Safe Use of Trolley Equipment
  • Scooters and Skates
  • Stihl Handheld Stone Blower
  • Wood Sleeper Drills

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Our rail training centres.

Our dedicated rail training centres are situated in Salford and Canning Town, London.

Subject to prior approval and facility acceptance, training can also take place at a client’s location thanks to our state-of-the-art mobile e-learning facility.


Frequently asked questions.

What courses are available?

Morson Training offers a wide variety of training programmes, from higher grade skills to entry level site access competencies. With our ever-growing course list including:

Our fully accredited Network Rail, TfL and NSAR approved trainers are your gateway to the rail industry.

Where does Morson Training deliver rail training?
Our dedicated training centre is situated in Canning Town, with further branches across the UK including Doncaster, Glasgow, Kent, Salford and Surrey. Every location upholds Morson Group’s commitment to quality with highly trained staff and up-to-date teaching material courtesy of Network Rail. Subject to prior approval and facility acceptance, training can take place at a client’s location thanks to our state-of-the-art mobile e-learning facility. To be agreed on a case-by-case basis.
What does the practical track layout offer?
Our training centres around the UK offer theoretical learning areas in conjunction with a multi-purpose track layout. The track layout with switches, crossings, points and motors gives learners the opportunity to put theory into practise in a live, but controlled, environment.
Who is the rail training for?
Morson Training offers a wide variety of training programmes, from higher grade skills to entry level site access competencies. So, whether it is your first step into the trade or the desire to further your career we have the rail training courses for you. We also support organisations of all sizes with their rail training requirements, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have training needs for your extended workforce.


Why rail training with Morson?

Expert trainers

We have a network of 12 rail safety trainers and over 40 health and safety trainers and advisors who are trained by the National Skills Academy for Rail and Network Rail

UK wide training centres

We have eight training centres around the UK; Manchester, Glasgow, Canning Town, Farnham, Chelmsford, Aylesford, Doncaster and Bristol as well as mobile e-learning facilities

Gain on track experience

Our classroom facilities in London and Manchester have a fully functional, multipurpose track layout

A Network Rail partner

We are a Network Rail training provider and our courses include: PTS, PICOP and COSS, to general health and safety courses such as first aid, fire marshall, manual handling

Fully accredited and award winning

Morson Training are the UK’s first, and only, NSAR “Platinum” awarded training provider in the rail sector. ​We are fully Link-Up approved and members of the association of railway training providers.

Mobile centres

We have a mobile e-learning centre which can be deployed nation-wide to deliver training on-site at a clients location

Get in touch.

If you want to book onto any of our courses or find out more information about our training capabilities our team are on hand to help.

Simon Saxby

Simon Saxby

National Accounts Manager