Shaping the future of rail together.

April 25th, 10 AM – 12:30 PM | Location: Morson HQ, Adamson House, Salford

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As the master vendor for Network Rail’s track safety training, we invite you to be part of this transformative experience.


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Event agenda.

10 AM – Welcome & networking brunch

  • Arrive, register, and engage in initial networking. Settle in, make connections, and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere before the formal program begins.

11 AM – Key speaker – Andy Reid MBE

  • A 30-minute talk on resilience, challenges, and more from our distinguished guest speaker.

11:30 AM – Demonstration of key services

  • A detailed walkthrough of services on offer.

12 PM – Closing remarks & farewell

  • Highlighting key takeaways and providing contact information for further engagement.

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Benefits of attending.

Morson’s Supplier Day isn’t just an event; it’s a strategic investment for your business. Unlock a spectrum of advantages that will deliver tangible benefits for your organisation.

Morson Training

Did you know?

We have a clear view of demand into 2025?

One of the biggest benefits for our suppliers is consistency and future view of demand. With forecast and known demand all the way through to Q2 2025, we offer a consistency of work that allows for greater organisational investment, planning and foresight. In an industry where demand can be last minute, this is a huge advantage.

We help with your talent development?

We help our suppliers develop talent by giving them access to training courses, enabling them to upskill their internal staff. Developing new and existing resources is an industry-wide challenge but together we can turn it into an opportunity, with benefits including a reduction in development time allowing resources to be deployed sooner.

We provide quality assurance support?

As a ‘Platinum’ awarded training provider, Morson supports suppliers with ongoing compliance to quality standards for the relevant awarding bodies, as well as IQA activity, observations and collaborative workshops to ensure a cost-effective and efficient approach.

We offer complimentary tailored E-Learning solutions?

Morson’s E-Learning Solutions empower learners with flexible, cost-efficient modules, fostering continuous skill enhancement, convenient accessibility, and expert-driven content for a modern and efficient approach to skill development.

We can provide enhance workforce connectivity?

Through Morson’s mobile-first engagement platform, Fit for Work, enjoy seamless communication, safety check-ins, and 100% adoption, bolstered by facial recognition. The platform also delivers location services and advanced connectivity features, fostering heightened workforce confidence and collaboration.

We share our ESG function with you?

Suppliers working with Morson can tap into our dedicated ESG team. To help them reach and exceed their ESG goals, we provide support in the form of workshops, best practice and shared credit schemes (e.g., carbon reduction collaboration).

We organise ED&I workshops?

Suppliers working with Morson can tap into our dedicated ESG team. To help them reach and exceed their ESG goals, we provide support in the form of workshops, best practice and shared credit schemes (e.g., carbon reduction collaboration).

We provide a digital marketing service?

Our trusted suppliers can take advantage of our award-winning marketing team, who can create tool boxes, how-to guides and a whole range of supportive content to drive their business forward.

We help organisations meet their forces commitments?

An Armed Forces Covenant gold-standard employer, Morson has access to wide range of resources through its specialist recruitment arm, Morson Forces, so we can help any organisation meet their forces commitments. From motivational speakers to specialist consultants, our team is made available to support our suppliers where needed.

We can help you access the apprenticeship levy scheme?

Morson offers expertise in navigating the apprenticeship levy scheme, providing valuable guidance on accessing and optimising its benefits. This levy serves as a dedicated fund, offering a direct investment opportunity to shape, upskill, and strategically invest in enhancing your workforce.


Stay tuned for more updates in the run up to the event, as we’ll be sharing additional information on how Morson’s Supplier Day can revolutionise your approach, enhance your operational excellence, and contribute to the success of your business.

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