Skills boot camps, your fast track into the rail industry
Skills boot camps are the perfect route for those who are looking for a fast and affordable way to gain in-demand skills and a solid route to a rewarding career.
skills boot camps

Morson Training has helped hundreds of individuals train and secure rewarding careers through our skills boot camps. Skills boot camps are training programmes designed in collaboration with the employer to provide learners with hands-on experience and practical skills in a specific field or industry. 

They have gained popularity in recent years due to their effectiveness in quickly preparing individuals for high-demand jobs. Unlike traditional education programs, skills boot camps are short-term courses, providing learners with a focused and immersive learning experience. Our skills boot camps are accessible and an alternative to traditional education, making them an attractive option for individuals looking to upskill or change careers.

What skills boot camps does Morson Training offer?

Morson Training skills boot camps are free, flexible courses (up to 16 weeks) focused on providing individuals with work-ready rail skills.

The boot camps offer a fast track to acquiring in-demand skills, interviews with local employers, and securing a job in a competitive job market. Our purpose is to equip learners with the skills and knowledge to start working and earning on major rail projects in the North West.

Our skills boot camps cover a range of competencies and skills including:

  • Personal Track Safety (PTS)
  • PTS AC DCCR (3rd Rail)
  • Track Induction
  • Manual Handling
  • Powered Plant and Small tools
  • First Aid
  • Environmental Awareness
  • CSCS Green Card

Rail skills boot camps are a great way to gain industry-ready skills in a short space of time. But don’t take it from us…

Ashely Derbyshire recently completed our Skilled Track Operative boot camp. He spoke to us about his experience on the course and his future ambitions…

What attracted you to our Skilled Track Operative boot camp?

I wanted a career change, I had been a personal trainer for a while and I had done a bit of driving work. I wanted a job where I could climb the ladder.

One of my friends worked for Network Rail, I spoke to him about the rail industry and it just seemed like it’d be a good fit. I’d originally planned to complete a paid course in Cardiff before Christmas with a different company, but I missed the cut-off point by a couple of days.

I’d heard great things about the skills boot camp Morson delivered. Fortunately, it was a funded course so I got it for free.

As Morson Training had ensured that I met the employer before starting the training, I knew when I completed the boot camp I would be moving straight into work.

What did the Skilled Track Operative course consist of?

With the Skilled Track Operative course, you’re taught about a number of safety aspects of working in the railway such as working around overhead lines, different site hazards, track components and small plant as well, which are all the tools you’re going to use on the track.

The great thing about a skills boot camp with Morson Training is that they give you every ticket and every skill you need to go on the rail and work.

A lot of companies just give you your Personal Track Safety, but when you get on track you don’t have tickets to use all the tools. That isn’t the case with Morson Training.

What was your experience with the trainer on the course?

My trainer, Charlie, was brilliant because he actually works on the railway and is an example of how far you can move in this industry, by working hard and doing things properly. When he was teaching, he wasn’t just reading from a book, he could physically show you how to do something. If you’re inquisitive and want to know something you can always ask him. He brought real-world experience rather than saying “The textbook says to do this, so you should do this”, he made it easy to learn some complicated things.

I’ve already told two of my friends about Morson Training and they have now completed the Skilled Track Operative boot camp on my recommendation.

What does your future look like after completing the Skilled Track Operative boot camp?

I’m now in a depot in Wigan which is 20 minutes from my house. It’s ideal because I’m not spending a lot of time travelling. At the moment I’m concentrating on trying to hone my craft.

But, in around five years, I’d like to develop to become a trainer like Charlie, working at Morson Training and helping others to succeed. These bootcamps help you get a second chance, a new career and the chance to earn a good living. I would recommend Morson Training to anyone

Business Manager at Morson Training, Andrew Robinson added:

Skills boot camps allow employers to uncover new talent through tailored programmes of training by working with trusted training partners like Morson Training.

This flexibility has enabled us to collaboratively create a programme that addresses short and long-term skills shortages and provides sustainable and gainful employment outcomes to the learners that are engaged.

Skills boot camps are the perfect route for those who are looking for a fast and affordable way to gain in-demand skills and a solid route to a rewarding career.

If you’re looking to upskill or reskill through one of our boot camps or want to be part of our programme as a trainer, get in touch. To book your place, and find out more about the skills boot camps or opportunities for trainers, email


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